Bridgestone Corporation
Always Use A Child Seat
Always Wear A Seat Belt
Adjust Your Head Restraint
Check Your Tyre Condition
Never Drink And Drive
Never Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs
Never Use A Hand Held Mobile Phone While Driving
Watch Your Speed
Check Your Tyre Condition
Worn tyres cause reduced performance. It takes longer to brake on a wet road surface when tyres are worn, and there is more risk of skidding.
Under inflated tyres reduce your control of the vehicle, increase braking distances and wear out your tyres more rapidly.
Over-inflated tyres reduce grip, reduce stability in braking and lead to poor handling.
You should inspect your tyres at least once a month. The correct pressure information can usually be found on the edge of the driver’s side door.
Check your tyres for signs of damage or cracks. Even a small tear should be checked by a tyre technician.
All tyres have tread wear indicators. These indicators appear in the main grooves when the tread has worn down to 1.6mm, showing the tyre needs to be replaced.


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