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D680 The Quiet Revolution

SILENCE that's unmatched - Tread pattern of the GR80 has been extensively designed to absorb and suppress noise, harshness and vibration.

Silent CSC - These blocks absorb road noise effectively.

2 by 2 silent straight rib - Four rows of straight and smooth ribs suppress noise & vibration.

Large size shoulder block - Larger shoulder blocks prevent irregular wear and noise when the tyre wears.

SMOOTHNESS that's unprecendented - GR80 benefits from Bridgestone's new technology that maintains excellent ride comfort and rolling smoothness.

CTDM II - Enhanced tyre design for better contact with the road surface while in motion, and produces an even smoother and quieter ride.

O-Bead II - By significantly increasing the torsional or twisting stiffness of the bead coil, a more uniform contact patch is realized especially when cornering, improving manoeuverability and stability.

HANDLING that's exceptional, with precise steering feedback and high speed stability.

High speed robust stabilization technology, results in a rounded shoulder design to keep ground contact constant regardless of vehicle speed. This results in a highly stable steering feel and suppresses irregular wear.

15 195/50R15 082V
195/55R15 085V
205/55R15 088V
205/60R15 091V
195/65R15 091V
205/65R15 094V
215/65R15 096V
16 205/50R16 087V
225/50R16 092V
195/55R16 087V
205/55R16 091V
215/55R16 093V
225/55R16 095V
215/60R16 095V
225/60R16 098V
235/60R16 100V
205/65R16 095V
17 215/45R17 087W
225/45R17 091W
235/45R17 094W
245/45R17 095W
215/50R17 091V
225/50R17 094V
215/55R17 094V
225/55R17 097W
18 225/40R18 088W
235/40R18 091W
245/45R18 096W
255/45R18 099W
235/50R18 097V
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