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Adrenalin Potenza    Adrenalin Potenza
D680 More stability. More precision. More steering information.

Adrenalin Enables Drivers to Follow Their Intended Line.

. Adrenalin delivers sharp, smooth response the moment the steering wheel is turned, delivering sporty performance and a sporty feel, whether driving in town or on the road.
. Adrenalin also offers high levels so steering accuracy and grip for improved control in conditions exceeding street driving performance.


The Features Behind the Performance Stability

The foundation of sporty driving is a high level of stability. With better straight-line stability, cornering stability, front-rear balance and faithful tracking of the rear tyres when cranking the steering wheel hard, drivers have more control, and therefore more options.

Precision and Response

The basics of accurately tracking the intended line are simple. The car turns precisely and predictably in relation to the amount of steering wheel turn. Adrenalin provides a sharp, sporty feeling by reliability delivering this precision responsiveness.

Information through the Steering Wheel

One important features of a sports tyre is how contact with the road is transmitted through the steering wheel. With a tight connection from the road to the steering wheel, in addition to Adrenalin's precision and stability, drivers can attack the corners in confidence.

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Asymmetrical Rigid Tread Design

For high cornering force to lower steering angles
1. Semi Slick Shoulder design
    Maximum cornering grip.
2. Multi-curved slant groove
    Better wet performance
3. INSIDE Offset Twin Rib
    Sharp, smooth response and stability.
    Better traction and braking.
4. New 3D Center Block
    Sharp, smooth response and stability.

Larger Contact Area with ground
More steering Information from Tyres

Contact pressure data on straights

Asymmetrical Shape and Construction.

Total Tread Area Works to Give Direct Response and Feel

Tread temperature data from lane change (right front tyre)


55 195/55R15      085W
205/55R15      088W
205/55R16      091W
215/55R16      093W
225/55R16      095W
215/55R17      094W
225/55R17      097W
50 195/50R15      082W
205/50R15      086W
205/50R16      087W
225/50R16      092W
205/50R17      093W      XL
215/50R17      091W
225/50R17      094W
235/50R18      097W
45 205/45R16      087W      XL
205/45R17      088W      XL
215/45R17      091W      XL
225/45R17      091W
235/45R17      094W
245/45R17      095W
225/45R18      095W      XL
245/45R18      100W      XL
40 205/40R17      084W      XL
215/40R17      087W      XL
245/40R17      091W
255/40R17      094W
225/40R18      092W      XL
235/40R18      095W      XL
245/40R18      097W      XL
255/40R18      099W      XL
35 255/35R18      094W      XL
265/35R18      097W      XL
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